Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Schaumrollen - Sweet meringue filled puff pastry horns

Schaumrollen, I fondly remember these light, super sweet pastries from my early childhood in Austria.  I have never found the equivalent here in Australia, nor do I know if there is actually an English name for these.

A simple dessert, they consist of a puff pastry shell, traditionally either in a horn or tube shape, filled with a sugary sweet, light, and soft egg white meringue type filling.

They are surprisingly easy to make, and only require three ingredients (four, if you decide to dip them into chocolate) and some pastry horn baking moulds.

Required time: 1 hour
   2 Sheets frozen puff pastry
   2 Eggs
   35gr Powder sugar
   150gr White sugar

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 225 degrees Celsius and place rack in the middle of the oven.
  2. Defrost the puff pastry.
  3. Grease the baking moulds, I like to use a cooking oil spray, butter is fine too.  Tip: If you have had trouble with the pastry not releasing from the moulds in the past, lightly coat with breadcrumbs after the fat, as this will stop the dough from sticking.
  4. Cut narrow strips from the dough and roll in an overlapping fashion over the moulds.  Place on a greased oven tray with the end join of the dough on the underside.
  5. Separate the egg white from the yolk and add a tiny bit of water to the yolks and stir to make a glaze.  Brush the tops of the pastry with the yolks.
  6. Bake until golden for about 10 - 15 minutes.  Remove from the oven and whilst still hot, remove the moulds and allow to thoroughly cool on a rack.
  7. Place the egg whites into a medium sized bowl and whisk until very stiff.  Add the powdered sugar and continue to beat until thoroughly combined.  Put to the side.
  8. In a small pan, bring 50ml of water to the boil and add the white sugar.  Bring to the boil again and constantly stir for exactly three minutes on high heat until all the sugar has dissolved and the mixture looks bubbly and glossy.  Remove from the heat.
  9. Commence whisking the egg whites again and slowly drizzle all of the hot sugar syrup into them and continue to whisk until the mixture cools considerably.
  10. Place the egg white mix into a piping bag and fill the horns, allowing a little of the filling mix to protrude from the ends.  Lightly dust with powdered sugar or dip the topside into molten chocolate.
  11. Enjoy...


FlyingRoo said...

My mom used to make these for us, I remember she made them for one of my birthdays and the kids were delighted! But the filling was a simple whipped cream. At the time it was also easy to find the "horns"/"tubes" in stores, ready to fill.

Your filling is very similar to Martha Stewart's 7 minutes frosting


It's a keeper, thanks for posting it!

Sticky Fingers said...

You know the horns also taste great if you fill them with a delicious homemade crème pâtissière, it's a bit more work, but well worth it for a more special occasion.

Being here in Australia, I've only really just 'discovered' Martha recently, she's such a multifaceted and intelligent lady.

Anonymous said...

You'd mentioned that you weren't sure if there was an English word for Schaumrollen. I was looking around for something different, and about the best I could see would be "cream rolls". They do look very similar.